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DialogsDialogsRecord conversations, which is obtained in the production process, almost always requires additional treatment. During the editing process, the sound is generally equalized (leveled) and filtered – clearing it from extraneous sounds or random noise. Do you think it's easy? I pressed a button and started the algorithm. It's not easy at all. There are many algorithms, and there are a million noise variants. Sometimes such a multi-pass is necessary that Kasparov nervously smokes on the sidelines. Our specialists never smoke on the sidelines, but in particularly severe cases, there is still a need for ADR.
ADRADRUnfortunately, sometimes the dialogue recorded in the production process is not suitable. In this case, there is no other choice but to resort to re-sounding. Is it necessary for the on-screen character to speak Japanese with a Finnish accent? No problem. The actors who work with us can't do that. Moreover, there will be no difficulties with voicing "without nuances". The newly recorded dialog is configured to sound like the original one.
ColoringColoringScenes shot in different light conditions differ in color rendering. In addition, the material may contain such shooting flaws as excessive darkening or illumination. Color correction operators struggle with these problems and win, without complaining about the fact that only 4.3% of people are colorblind. It's a hell of a job, but the result is similar to magic. Working with color allows you to give the image a special style, unusual appearance, and create an emotional atmosphere. A picture is 80% of perception. For you, the perfect image is half the success of the project. For color correction operators, these are neuroses, ulcers, conjunctivitis, smoky lungs, and a modest fee.
Sound effectsSound effectsOur Studio has a huge library of background sounds at its disposal. They allow you to create the impression of being present in real locations in the Studio. This may be the noise of city streets, deciduous forests, the sea coast, a metro station, or a manufacturing plant. There is no place on earth or in heaven that we don't know what it sounds like. Sound quality from nature will never be better than in the Studio, where background sounds are added and mixed with dialogue in perfect proportion.
Music RecordingMusic RecordingIf you don't want to use pre-recorded soundtracks, and you have your own ideas about musical accompaniment, we will help you implement your plan. The Jew's harp? The balalaika? A harp? Without problems. Shock with sound or create an intimate atmosphere? We know how to help. Our Studio is fully equipped to create musical compositions that will later accompany scenes or dialogues.
Video editingVideo editingThe possibilities of our Studio regarding installation are limitless. Your project will be provided with everything necessary to get the finished look. This process is comparable to a battle between good and evil. So much you want to leave, but the timing is not rubber. The agony of doubt, the pain of loss, the regret for what cannot be returned. We will ease the emotional pressure and help to cope with the deep spiritual wound of the Creator who cuts his creation. Installation is like a sculpture - to get the perfect result, you need to cut off everything that is superfluous, but in filmmaking, you can add something or change places. We know what and how.
FoleyFoleyIn contrast to the background sound, sounds that accompany the actions of people or objects in the frame are recorded separately. This is done by the noise maker-the Creator of noise effects (foley artist). The rustle of a sheet, the noise of the fan blades, the creak of a door, a kiss, footsteps on the gravel-all these are the concerns of the skimmer. This is a person whose thinking is far beyond the standards. To reproduce a million sounds, in the Studio, using improvised means - a normal person can not do it. A professional noise detector is a clinical diagnosis, which is fortunately very useful and in demand in film production.
MixingMixingMixing combines all post-production processes. The result of mixing is a ready-made project, when the image, dialogues, music and sound effects are edited, compiled and brought into line with the idea. And it's billions of burned nerve cells, a day without sleep, a hundredweight of fast food and liters of coffee, forgotten wives and girlfriends. But the most important thing is satisfaction, creative ecstasy, a short period of ecstatically relaxed state after peak tension. Most of the specialists in our Studio work for such moments. Fee? Well, that's the way it's supposed to be. This is the only law we agree to follow.